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Do I Have A Slab Leak?

Household water leakage can result from a variety of causes, and be in a variety of areas throughout your home.

A slab leak is a leak found in the water lines located below your home or business’s foundation. Detecting them can be tricky, as they occur under your flooring and foundation, but it is not impossible.

There are a number of different ways you can tell if you have a slab leak.

Running Water

The sound of running water when all your fixtures are off can be quite creepy.

Keep your ears listening for those sounds, when there is no faucet running, it could be a sign of an undetected leak.

Raising Water Bill

Keep your eye on your monthly water bill. If you see a spike in your home's water usage and you haven't had any visitors or changes in your routine, it could be one indicator that you have a leak.

Hot Spots

Do you walk around your home barefoot? Ever realize some spots of the floor are hotter or cooler than others?

Hot spots on your floor can be another common sign of a slab leak.

Pools of Water

Pooling water can be found on the floor, on the lawn, or in the basement. Oftentimes the water that collects from a slab leak stays under the floor until it is too much and it finds somewhere else to go.

Small pools of water may be easy to clean up or may seem like a spilled drink, but it could be a sign leading to a bigger plumbing disaster.

Call A Professional

When you notice these common signs of slab leaks, call your local professionals to help you detect and find the area of the leak. If you’re unsure, better safe than sorry, call today.

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