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DIY Ways to Clean a Drain

Remember making a model volcano erupt in school? If you do, you may have used one of these DIY drain cleaning solutions.

DIY ways to clean a drain by John Manning Plumbing

A recipe of one of these DIY drain cleaners can help make the grease and gunk slowing down your drain go away. These DIY solutions can be repeated if needed to have the most effective impact.

While using these solutions, be mindful of the chemical reactions they create as well as be cautious around boiling or hot water used to rinse the drain.

Although these solutions are effective and easy to make, they may not always do the trick.

Call a Professional

If these DIY solutions can’t seem to get the job done, call your local professionals. Sometimes drains can have roots growing into them or excess food that just won’t budge. Video inspection and hydro-jetting may do the trick.

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