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corn being rinsed off in sink

Summer BBQ Foods To Avoid Putting Down Your Garbage Disposal

Your food can be mashed with just a switch when you put it in the disposal, but not every piece of food waste can be disposed of this way.

Be sure to avoid putting these popular summer barbecue foods and food waste down the drain.

Although the damage may not be noticeable right away, it can hurt your plumbing system down the road.


When barbecuing, lots of greases or oils can be left in the pan or on the plate. While grease and oil can make a terrible mess if spilled, it will also make a nasty mess in your disposal.

It can cause buildup and clog up your pipes, causing more plumbing problems.

Try using a napkin or paper towel to wipe down grease out of pans and plates before rinsing them down in the sink. This will help limit the amount of grease that may sneak into your pipes.

Potato Peels

Baked potatoes with sour cream, bacon, and green onion may be an appetizing part of your summer barbecue, but they can do damage to your disposal.

They can cause a mess by turning into a goo-like substance and clogging up the pipes.


Corn can be made steamed, barbecued, or made in other ways, but all parts of it should never be put down the disposal.

Husks can be stringy and get tangled up in the garbage disposal blades, causing it to not function correctly.

The kernels and cobs can also cause problems, by clogging the pipes.


Although some bones may be small, no matter the size, they do not belong down the disposal. They can cause clogs and chips to your disposal.

Whether its chicken, ribs or any other meat on the bone, keep them away from the disposal and put them in the trash instead.

Fruits and Vegetables with Pits

Ever tried cutting through an avocado or peach pit, it’s nearly impossible. If you can’t cut through it, neither will your disposal. These pits will just cause clogs and issues with your pipes.

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