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How to Avoid a Clogged Sink Drain

Picture this: you cooked an amazing meal, but now you need to clean-up. You’re washing your dishes when you notice that your sink isn’t draining correctly. This can only mean one thing: your kitchen sink is clogged.

No one wants to deal with a clogged drain — no matter if it’s your kitchen, shower, or bathroom. Although they can all be avoided, your kitchen sink may just be the easiest one to prevent — but how? Dodge your next clogged-sink catastrophe by avoiding pouring the following items down your kitchen drain:

What Should I Avoid Putting Down My Drain?

Starchy Foods

There’s nothing better than a big bowl of pasta to get you through a rough day. But, what is better for your drain is throwing your dinner remains in the trash. Starch expands once it hits water, whether it’s in a pot or in the drain — the same action happens. This expansion can cause a major back-up for your drain.

While pasta isn’t the only culprit, there are other starchy foods to avoid disposing of through your sink, such as potatoes and rice. Keep this in mind: if you have a garbage disposal, these starchy foods can wrap around your blades breaking your motor.

Also, on behalf of carb-lovers everywhere: save these items for leftovers!

Cooking Grease

When in the midst of cooking, the simple and quickest option is to pour cooking grease down the drain — but do not do this. Cooking grease can wreak havoc on your drain and even your sewer system. This is because grease solidifies after cooling off and can pile up within your pipes.

Now, for your sewer system: the grease mixes with the chemicals and other cooking by-products that people have disposed of — which starts to form “fatbergs.” Fatbergs can cause sewer water to run back up your pipes — which no one wants to happen. To avoid this, put your leftover grease in a cup, wait for it to cool, and throw it in your garbage.


Things like coffee grounds, bones, and (going back to the starch) potato peels should be avoided at all costs. All of these items can either clog or cause a build-up within your pipes. On the other hand, bones, in general, aren't ideal, as it will only take a few to clog your pipes.

However, if you’re looking to dispose of these items, there are a few ways to do it. For starters, bones can go straight to your garbage, followed by throwing your coffee grounds in the garden or in a compost pile. Now, we’ve saved the best for last: the potato peels can be roasted for a nice tasty treat — yum!

If Your Drain Still Gets Clogged, Call Us!

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