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hydro jetting

Thorough Hydrojetting Service in Palmdale

A clogged pipe or drain can cause more than just minor inconveniences in your home or business. It could result in serious issues such as drain, toilet or tub backups, rendering parts of your plumbing inoperable. In those cases, you could be faced with dirty water exposing you to potential health hazards, as well as possible damage to your fixtures, appliances, floors or other structures. You need these problems resolved quickly, and John Manning Plumbing in Palmdale has the perfect solution: hydrojetting.

The Benefits of Using Jetting

You might have heard of this service before, perhaps referred to as water jetting or pipe jetting. The basic idea behind this technique is to introduce large flows of water at highly concentrated pressures into pipelines and sewers. It’s a powerful method that blasts away grease, scale and other debris built up on the inside, and the average clog is hardly a match for its relentless force. Not only do our technicians use it to unclog pipes, but it’s also a great tool for regular maintenance. Regularly scheduled applications can deeply clean the interior surfaces of your pipes, preventing future obstructions. Additionally, it can take out blockages much faster than traditional tools like a rooter.

Also Serving Antelope Valley

Besides jetting, we provide other services to help you with the upkeep and repair of your residential and commercial plumbing systems. We also specialize in a wide variety of methods to keep your septic tank in good working order, including septic tank pumping, cleaning, installation and replacement. We’ve been trusted plumbers for your neighbors in Palmdale and Antelope Valley since 1992, so isn’t it time you called us to fix and maintain your pipes and drains? To schedule service or find out more information, call us today at 661-722-8844.
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