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Detecting and Repairing Leaks in Palmdale Homes

To say that leaks in your plumbing system can ruin your day is putting it mildly. Left unchecked, they can wreak all sorts of havoc, such as drops in pressure, damage to internal structures and wasted water. John Manning Plumbing is a company that’s been trusted for water leak detection and repair for over 25 years by customers in Palmdale and surrounding areas. Our technicians can perform a visual inspection and pressure testing to discover a leak’s location, as well as employ advanced innovative tools such as moisture sensors, fiber optic bore scoping, thermal lasers and cameras. Once we’ve found the exact area of the issue, we work quickly to ensure complete, quality repairs.

Common Issues

Typical household water leakage can result from many causes. Pipes, fixtures and plumbing fittings are just a few of the usual suspects, as well as dripping water heaters. You can take a couple of easy steps to determine if you’ve got a problem. Turn off the water both inside and outside your home, and ensure that no fixtures or appliances are in use for 15 minutes. Watch your meter to see if your usage increases during this period. If it does, you’ve likely got seepage.

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At John Manning Plumbing, we aren’t just experts at finding a water leak and fixing it. We’re also highly skilled at other aspects of commercial and residential plumbing in Palmdale or Antelope Valley. Our technicians perform pipe locating and drain cleaning service, as well as hydrojetting to deal with a backup or clogged lines. We can also clear a clog or deal with stubborn problems like tree roots using other professional tools such as a snake, a rooter or an augur. Don’t wait until you need to unclog a line or a major cleanout job to pick up the phone. Why not call us today at 661-722-8844?
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